3 Best WordPress Audio Player Plugins in 2022

The internet has come a long way, in the beginning it was just the internet that allowed people to exchange some simple text messages with each other, then some pictures, then the so called multimedia era, where internet sites would be able to show users some video and audio. I still remember that magical era, but it required some professional skills. Nowadays, webmasters are much happier, it only takes 3 minutes to install a wordpress, and then with some mouse clicks, you can install and set up the best wordpress audio plugins in 5 minutes 🙂

3 Best WordPress Audio Player Plugins in 2022

We recently tested some wordpress audio plugins, and I did find some very easy to use and powerful wordpress audio plugins:

1: MP3 Audio Player for Music, Radio & Podcast by Sonaar

MP3 Audio Player for Music, Radio & Podcast can add unlimited playlists, albums and podcasts to any post, and it support WooCommerce products, if you plan to sell beats and music on your website 🙂

Users can display an optional jaw-dropping waveform bar under any of your audio players powered by WaveSurfer.js. Our Audio Player is super easy to use, includes tons of features and the design and UX are very professional. You can choose between a super-nice-looking waveform and a very simple progress bar design.

Upload your MP3 file from your page, post, WC product, custom post, and MP3 Audio Player for Music, Radio & Podcast support Elementor

2: Html5 Audio Player – Audio Player for WordPress

Html5 Audio Player – Audio Player for WordPress have more than 10,000 users, it is very easy to use, wordpress editor can fully customizable audio player that works on all devices. I can play embed a nice audio player in my wordpress post & page & widget areas as well as template files. It Has tons of options to play .mp3, .wav, .ogg audio file in WordPress:


  • Embed audio player in post, page, widget area and theme templates
  • The audio player is compact so it does not take a lot of real estate on your webpage.
  • Support playinline.
  • Controls over all the buttons.
  • Shortcoe driven. So its more powerfull.
  • Its very easy to use that means you dont have to be a expert to use this plugin.
  • HTML5 compatible so the audio files embedded with this plugin will play on iOS devices
  • Works on all major browsers – IE7, IE8, IE9, Safari, Firefox, Chrome
  • The audio player is responsive.
  • If you do podcasting then this audio player can be used to embed the audio files on your WordPress posts or pages
  • If you are selling audio files from your site then you can use this plugin to offer a preview
  • Use autoplay option to play an audio/mp3 file as soon as the page loads
  • Ability to specify both the mp3 and ogg version of your audio files. The plugin will play the appropriate one based on the device.
  • Lite Weight

The plugin is a simple and easy to use wordpress audio plugin 🙂

3: Music Player for Elementor – Audio Player & Podcast Player

Elementor is a powerful page builder, I like it, because Elementor have so many powerful functions. But some options is Elementor is not good, for example, Elementor have a tooltip, but it is too simple, I had to installed wordpress tooltips plugin which support Elementor and offer amazing wordpress tooltip function and pretty style, and I can insert audio / video in tooltip box, that’s what I looking for, it is a nice tooltip plugin 🙂

As a heavy elementor, I use Music Player for Elementor, with a dedicated Elementor widget that is very flexible and easy to use, and you can also integrate the player with your eCommerce website, to promote and sell your music.

  • Two Elementor player widgets
  • Unlimited songs in your playlist
  • Custom cover image for your player
  • Custom background image for the playlist area
  • Option to set up the album title, promo text, album promo message and link to external music stores
  • YouTube and SoundCloud custom link for each song in the playlist
  • Option to add custom purchase link for each song
  • Two different position for the controls bar (top and bottom)
  • Option to hide album details and show only the playlist
  • Control playlist paddings (responsive controls)
  • Custom vibrant color applied to the entire player design
  • Custom color for the hover state
  • Custom background color for controls bar
  • Custom left/right distance for the controls bar

Wrapping Up

WordPress has a default audio player, wordpress editor can use it to play audio in wordpress posts, but it is too simple, this is 2022, we need more option to custom color, background… of audio player, and some guys is selling their music in woocommerce, today we tested 3 Best WordPress Audio Player Plugins in 2022 for our users, if you have any more good audio player plugins, please don’t hesitate tell us 🙂

Thanks, have a happy day with your family 🙂

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