New Version of Best Buddypress Members Only Plugin

A few months before, wordpress best plugin team reviewed buddypress members only free plugin, and we introduced buddypress members only pro plugin:

BuddyPress Members Only can restricts Your Buddypress and WordPress to logged in/registered members; restricts your BP standard / customized Components and choose which components open to guest user; BuddyPress Members Only have Options to only protect your buddypress pages and open other section on your wordPress site to guest users; provide Page level protect to protect any kind of content on your site.

BuddyPress Members Only Pro give access to members only, make your website private, Only registered/logged in users can view your site, non members can only open home page/login/register/lost password pages. Logged in users have full access. BuddyPress Members Only Pro can help minimize spam to a great extent.

Today when I look back comments, I found a few users said they installed this buddypress plugin and they like this plugin too, I found  user reviewed :

“So easy. Activate-Install-Type Pages and Finish One minut of work”

I re-check their official site, I found buddypress members only free version which listed on has been upgraded to  1.7.3. And Buddypress Members Only Pro version has been upgraded to 2.0.1. In new buddypress members only version they fixed bugs and they said they support php7.0 which will speed up our buddypress social networking, and they support “HTTPS” which will improve user security, that’s great.

New features can be found at of buddypress members only plugin features and demos page.

If you have any best buddypress plugin, please tell me, I am happy to install and check and give a review of it.

12 Best WordPress Support Ticket Plugins — section #1

I need best WordPress support ticket plugin for my client’s online shop

I built a site for my client, he was selling digital products on ebay and he have many many clients, he hope realize differential competition — there are too many providers on ebay and any idea will be copied quickly. So my client want to build his own shop based on wordpress so he can selling digital products online and have better SEO rank and more users.

I was built many wordpress online shop via WooCommerce, EDD, ESHOP, WP e-commerce… and so on, After analyzed his business, I think use WooCommerce to build his online shop is the best solution.

WooCommerce is powerful and free eCommerce plugin, there are many free and pro e-commerce addons and themes, so just a few days with some customized work, we built a pretty and user-friendly online shop, the problem is ticket plugins…

I tested many ticket plugins, I will report my tested ticket plugins in below:

3: wpsc Support Tickets

wpsc-support-tickets-pluginI was used wpsc Support Tickets built some ticket systems, but when I come back wordpress, I found it has been removed from official plugins list, I know some plugin author will remove their plugins because they have no time to support it…, if so it is hard to download it again,  but the good news is I remember it be cloned in github, so I found the last version on github, now you can still download this great plugin at wpsc Support Tickets on github,after I read the plugin readme.txt, I found it have been re-published as another plugin “IDB Support Tickets” — Plugin Homepage: Plugin Homepage

**Hightlighted Features:**

 * Users can create support tickets and reply to their own tickets
 * Guests can use tickets as well, using just their email address.  Disabled by default.
 * Admins, Super Admins, and any user granted the manage_wpsct_support_tickets capability, can reply to, close, or delete any ticket
 * Front end support ticket interface is done in jQuery, and utilizes Ajax ticket loading
 * New robust customizable ajax departments
 * Individual, department lead, and department wide email support on a department by department basis.
 * Customizable email messages, and CSS for custom solutions
 * Save any support ticket to PDF for easy printing
 * You can hide support ticket capabilities from a user who has not purchased a specific product (requires [IDB Ecommerce]( "IDB Ecommerce") 2.4.9 or higher)
 * Seamless integration with open source IDB Ecommerce ecommerce plugin, including a shared Guest system 
 * Admin dashboard widget shows all open tickets
 * Both the admin and frontend provides a WYSIWYG HTML editor for formatting
 * Available in 16 languages
 * i18n ready and compatible (POT file included in the /languages/ directory)

**Languages Included**

 * English
 * Swedish (Svenska) by Stefan Johansson
 * Norwegian (Norsk) by Rune Kristoffersen
 * French (le Français) by Hawaien88
 * Brazilian Portuguese (português brasileiro) by Thiago Bernardi
 * German (Deutsch) by Markus Scheffknecht
 * Dutch (Nederlands) by Jos Wolbers
 * Finnish (Suomi) by Mikko Ohtonen 
 * Russian (ру́сский язы́к, russkiy yazyk) by Login Roman
 * Romanian (limba Română) by Nutu Valea, updated by Richard Vencu at
 * Italian (Italiano) by Pino Cinelli
 * Spanish (Español) translation provided by Víctor Belgrano
 * Hebrew (עִבְרִית) translation provided by
 * Serbian (српски) translation provided by WPdiscounts @
 * Arabic (العربية) translation provided by Ahmed Raslan @
 * Czech by Jan Drda

It is very easy to use, just install and activate the plugin, and create a new page for example “My Ticket”, and insert the shortcode [IDBSupportTickets], then go into the back end and select this page as “mainpage” for wpsc Support Tickets, so users can submit ticket in this page and admin can reply tickets, it is easy to use and I do like it.

4:Memoria Ticket System

Memoria Ticket System is designed by the autheor vatanbytyqi,a guy who like Programming in PHP and Java, come from Sweden. He said this is a simple ticket system, however it offered enough ticket functionality for users, In front end, users can easy to creating a ticket by a default form, in back end, it is easy to change form’s style, each ticket can be assigned to an approver who will receive an email notifications when the issuer has replied it looks like this:


and then in back end, admin can view the ticket and reply the ticket, it looks like this:

screenshot-2in this ticket plugin panel, admin can add departments or categories,change the style sheet,modify the email notification, or activate reCaptcha from to stop spammer.

Memoria Ticket System plugin is very easy to use: download and upload to your wp-content/plugins, activate Memoria Ticket System, and add your departments and so on, in front end create a page, for exmaple:”Support Ticket”, and insert the shortcode [sts_memoria_ticket_system], then everything is okay, just wait your client’s ticket and get notification and reply them. quick and powerful,  Not bad, right?




WordPress Best Performance Optimization Plugin

Best WordPress Plugin to Find Performance Issues

Sometimes I heard my friend said his site loading slowly,  I recommended he install a wordpress best performance optimization pluginP3, P3 means Plugin Performance Profiler, the plugin is created by Godaddy — for let webmasters “narrow down anything causing slowness on your site”, and then give some charts to tell you what caused your site runnung slowly and help you speed up wordpress site, it looks like this:


In this screenshot you can know all detailed timeline of each plugins, so you wordPress performance issues on your site and it will hlep you know which plugin or theme delayed yor site and you know what to do next for your wordpress optimize work.

How to Use This WordPress Best Performance Optimization Plugin

At first please login your wordpress admin panel, and check click plugins link in the admin panel, click add new link and search P3, just click install now and activate it, it is simple, right? 🙂

Now in admin panel, please open the tools menu — not setings menu,  in tools menu you can open P3 and just click Scan Now to start WordPress Performance Testing work, it looks like this:



This wordpress performance scanner will generates traffic to your wordpress site and at the same time, it will monirots your wordpress performance on your wordpress site, after some seconds, you will get some wordpress Performance Monitoring reports to help you Improve WordPress Performance on your wordpress site, the charts of the WordPress Best Performance Optimization Plugin looks like this:

the wordpress Performance Monitoring report will tell you how many plugins you are currently active, also it will tell you for each user view your wordpress site, the plugin load time and plugin impact, maybe for the developer, a very important WP performance monitoring report item is — your WORDPRESS MYSQL QUERIES for each users, actually, many sites is built on the shared hosting, it means you are using mysql with many other users, so mysql server will have a heavy / high pressure,in this case, if a plugin or theme use a bad mysql query, it will caused your wordpress site slow down a lot. If you hope avoid mysql slow your site, install a mysql cache plugin it better, or if you are using a vps server or dedicated server, install a redis is great to help your site running quickly, I will write another post to tech you how to install redis server and client on your LAMP system and choose the correctly wordpress REDIS plugin. 🙂

And then, is the detailed timeline report of wordpress Performance Monitoring report, which we reported at above already:


In this wordpress Performance Monitoring report, you can know all detailed timeline of each plugins and them and your wordpress core codes, it will tell you exactly what caused your wordpress site running  slowly.

And then this WordPress Best Performance Optimization Plugin will tell you mysql database query timeline, it will show you the numbers of mysql database queries for each wordpress page, it is very help for wordpress mysql database Optimization:

Finally, you can save your wordpress Performance Monitoring report, so after each step of your wordpress optimization work and you can compare the effect with your previous status via each wordpress Performance Monitoring reports, like this:

After all works, you can send a email notification to your wordpress developer or your wordpress admin, so they can understand the wordpress performance issues on your wordpress site quickly and solve the wordpress performance issues:












You can download this WordPress Best Performance Optimization Plugin at here.

Any question?  Contace me at here.

After use p3, I am happy and it is really simple and quick, it saved many time for webmasters and developers, it is a useful wordpress best performance optimization plugin.  🙂

WordPress Best Before After Plugin

I purchased a WordPress Before After plugin

As a Doctor maybe you need build a before after silder for your health site? An amazing coder developed an amazing before after plugin that merge images into one photo, client can compare two different images by drag images via mouse, it looks like this:


Actually, it is not only a good tools for the health sites, it is also a great help for newspapers site, designers sites, beauticians sites, or a blogger site like me… etc, many site need before and after plugin, I purchased a license for myself — I built a wordpress site for a renovation company in New York, they have six worker, one car, one dog, I designed a site for them and they said they like this before after plugin because their client will have a chance to view the awesome effect before / after their changes.

The before after plugin is user-friendly and easy to use

When I install this wordpress before after plugin, I found I am happy because it is a responsive wordpress plugin, when I open the page on pads, I found Touch & Swipe enabled and works well, use this wordpress before after plugin, just a few mouse clicks, I uploaded many “original Vs. new” before after gallery quickly, actually it can create unlimited before after sliders, my client said it is amazing, you know, more AD more business, actually, the effect like this really can bring customers:



When I Update existing before after images ,I found it can mess with setting or do anything I want with novice friendly admin panel.

It is very easy to manage Before After gallery

WordPress before after admin panel looks like this:

1: Add a before after slider:

2: Add or modify before after images in before after gallery


3: Setting before after slider, for example width, enable before after images autoplay, autoplay speed, before after comparison bar, border width, caption… ect, you can do it in one time, it looks like this:


After uploads before after images / gallery, we can insert before after slider on wordpress pages, wordpress posts or in wordpress widgets, we do not need to study shortcodes and so on, actually my clients is not good at website, if they need a lot of time to read how to use before and after plugin document, they will give up updates on the before / after site, all work is very simple, no clicking, no dragging, just hover and move…, all before and after gallery is built quickly,  I had to say great user experience!

As a coder, I am happy to find actually they use JQuery as backbone, wordpress support JQuery by default, and they developed a before after slider.js, in admin, they added many actions and filters, it is easy to be customized — my client need add some watermarks, I re-code the plugin to use another jquery watermark addon so it is better to let their client know company URLs. 🙂

Any way, I am happy I purchased the best before after wordpress plugin, I presented the license to the buyer, although it is very cheap, however they are very happy and the version 2 of the before after site is coming now. 🙂

WordPress best mobile plugin: WPtouch Mobile Plugin

WPtouch Mobile Plugin is wordprss best mobile plugin that automatically adds mobile theme for mobile devices (such as iPhone, iPod touch, Android phones, BlackBerry, etc.) to your WordPress website.


WPtouch Mobile Plugin is wordprss best mobile plugin that automatically adds mobile theme for mobile devices (such as iPhone, iPod touch, Android phones, BlackBerry, etc.) to your WordPress website.

WPtouch specifically customized WordPress themes for smart touch screen mobile device. When you visit the site, the plugin will automatically identify whether you use a mobile browser based on User Agent (UA) strings, and then loading a different theme. Mobile theme support reviews, support picture automatically adapt to the screen size.

WPtouch Mobile Plugin prvides only simple and beautiful style, but also save traffic. WPtouch by default only supports Android and iPhone devices, let Nokia phones and other devices use WPtouch mobile version, you need to add Agent strings in backend, such as: nokia, symbian, series60, windows ce, opera mini, playstation, samsung, wap, sonyericsson, vodafone

WPtouch supports adding Google Adsense ads, so use your phone to access the WordPress blog, can also show ads. Meanwhile Google Adsense has advertising specifically for the mobile platform, after generating a special advertising code for the mobile device, you can configure at WPtouch backend settings.

WPtouch WPtouch Mobile Plugin has free version and the Pro paid version, free version suit the ordinary user, of course, if you have a higher demand, you can buy Pro version.

Download WPtouch Mobile Plugin

WordPress best plugin to generates static caching: WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is developed by the official WordPress developer Donncha, is currently the wordpress best most static caching plugin.

WP Super Cache plugin is developed by the official WordPress developer Donncha, is currently the best wordpress static caching plugin. Wp Super Cache make dynamic wordpress web page directly generate HTML files, so the Web server need not process the heavier WordPress PHP scripts, by using this plugin, make your WordPress blog will significantly speed.

Cache is very important to enhance the speed. When you visit a website, cache optimization will cache some pictures and CSS, JS files into your computer. The next time you visit same website, the browser cache found these documents have not expired, immediately call out from the cache, no longer downloaded from your server, of course, the speed opening the web page become faster.

After installing WP Super Cache, the vast majority of the site’s visitors will directly access static HTML files generated by WP Super Cache, so most of users access to cached HTML files are static.

Download WP Super Cache

Updates 2015-09-24: Donncha updated the new version of WP super cache to 1.4.5

1: now the plugin author link is his new amazing domain

2: Also WP supper cache plugin’s cookie is use md5 now, it means more safer

3: WP super cache plugin use JSON to encode meta-files, this speed up the site.

WordPress best affiliate and redirects links management plugin: Pretty Link Lite

Pretty Link Lite is wordpress best plugin to provide easier way to manage your socail links, redirects and affiliate links.

Pretty Link Lite is WordPress best plugin to provide easier way to manage your socail links, redirects and affiliate links. The plugin is more friendly to have access to your links and help you to track and manage the link.

How to Use:
1. Download Link Pretty and install and active it.
2. click “Add New Link,” There are three main options:
Redirection Type: there are two values, 301 and 307. 301 means permanently moved, 301 redirect is best way to the search engine friendly, as long as not temporary move,  301 is best choice.

307 means Temporarily Moved.

Target URL: target address. Here to fill the address you want to redirect

Pretty Link: display address. Here to fill in the URL address you want to display in the blog.





After intalled Pretty Link, you can track each click of your affiliate links, and get a detailed report, including visitors IP, visitors browser, operating system, etc.. It’s also a wordpress best plugin to manage your affiliate link, and you can create the link to promote your business site in the forum, other blogs.

Download Pretty Link Lite

plugin author


The wordpress best sidebar posts plugin: Special recent posts

wordpress best sidebar random post plugin: Special recent posts, you can display your posts with thumbnails in the blog sidebar, and easily set up awesome layout.

We found wordpress best sidebar random post plugin: Special recent posts, you can display your posts with thumbnails in the blog sidebar, and easily set up awesome layout.


Special recent posts provide 40+ Customization Options to set up your layout, you can define the title length, thumbnail size, post offset, display post number, etc. Only a few clicks, you can easily achieve their desired effect. About 40+ Customization Options, Author online Documentation give detailed introduction.


Download Special Recent Posts

Plugin Author:  Luca Grandicelli

WordPress Best Tooltip Plugin

Yesterday, I need install a tooltip plugin on my wordpress site to easily add tooltips to content on your posts and pages, I found in wordpress plugin list, there are 17 wordpress plugins, I test all one by one, I found “WordPress Tooltips” is the best wordpress tooltip plugin, it is really very easy to install and very easy to use, just download their plugin and installed on my site, I found a tooltips menu shown in my wordpress admin panel, I can easy to add tooltips via wordpress standard TinyMCE editor, after add a new tooltip post, I found tooltips shown on all of my post and I do not need to do any setting! I can add/edit/delete any tooltips via wordpress custom type post manage panel, That’s what I want, I do not hope use a lot of time to manage these tooltips and write it again and again in each post! I just need to add a tooltip and it will show in all of my post, that’s good!

After read their how to, I found actually I can “use tooltips for word,phrases,image,links,even shortcode, or next-gen description, wordpress menu”, also I can add text, image, song, video as tooltip content! That’s great!

They have a tooltip pro version which only need $9, which have more more customization features and I can control all stylesheet with a css file. I really like this tooltip plugin, actually, I should say I love it.

Author Page: tomas.zhu
Plugin Page: wordpress tooltip plugin free version
Pro version: tooltips pro