Secure the wp-login.php with the password protection

Since wp-login.php is the default login page for most WordPress sites, the Password Protection can help prevent unauthorized access or malicious access. In addition, this method can also help reduce the strong attacks. In general, you can implement password protection by 2 ways: manually add a password or use the WordPress best security plugin.
Secure the wp-login.php with the password protection - wordpress best plugin
Manually setting is too much trouble, the simplest way is to install the WordPress best security plugin. The powerful AskApache Password Protect is a good choice. This plugin is specifically designed to stop automated attackers attempts to exploit vulnerabilities on your blog that result in a hacked site. Use this plugin, you can get password protection function of the login page by simply setting. NOTE: Remember to backup your site to prevent from any error.

It is fast and effective to enhance WordPress login security by using password protection wp-login, but if you website is a large multi-user webste, WordPress best plugin do not recommend you use this method.

Free Download AskApache Password Protect

Force Strong Passwords make sure that all users use high-intensity passwords

Force Strong Passwords make sure that all users use high-intensity passwords - wordpress best plugin

As a webmaster, when you start managing a WordPress site, you should know the importance of high-intensity login passwords, you should be sure to set a complex password which is hard to guess by the hacker, you must use a different password in different areas. You’d better use the password strength detector to detect whether your Password strength is strong enough.

If your site is multi-user website, you should make sure that all other users’ passwords are strong enough to protect the login area. Force Strong Passwords is a good choice to help all users get high-strength passwords.

With Force Strong Passwords activated, strong passwords are enforced for users with publish_posts, upload_files & edit_published_posts capabilities. Should a user with these capabilities attempt to change their password, the strong password enforcement will be triggered.

As the Users, they often select to compromise security, but for a webmaster it is the responsibility to keep the website running safely. WordPress best plugin feel it is necessary to spend more thought to manage your websit in the aspects of security.

Free Download Force Strong Passwords

Powerful WordPress Backup Plugin – BackUpWordPress

WordPress Backup is a Powerful WordPress backup plugin, you can backup database and file for your wordpress site, but also you can choose to send the backup content to your mailbox. The latest version of V3.6.3.1, WordPress BackUp requires PHP version 5.3.2 or later.

Powerful WordPress Backup Plugin - BackUpWordPress
Powerful WordPress Backup Plugin – BackUpWordPress

Super simple to use, no setup required.
Works in low memory, “shared host” environments.
Manage multiple schedules.
Option to have each backup file emailed to you.
Uses zip and mysqldump for faster backups if they are available.
Works on Linux & Windows Server.
Exclude files and folders from your backups.
Good support should you need help.
Translations for Spanish, German, Chinese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Lithuanian, Italian, Czech, Dutch, French, Basque.

After you install and activate WordPress Backup successfully, you can make settings in the tool -> Backups, WordPress Backup will backup the database every day, and the file & database backup once a week by default, of course, you can modify this default settings.

200,000+ active installs WordPress Backup, the users give good reviews, some users said the best part is that you can set it up very quickly and you do not need too much technical information.

Free Download WordPress Backup

Disable Comments – disable comments on the entire network

Disable Comments - disable comments on the entire network

Disable Comments is a very good plugin for disabling comments. This plugin allows you to globally disable comments on any post type.  If you install Disable Comments on a multi-site site, you will disable all comments on the entire network.

You can choose what to disable:

All “Comments” links are hidden from the Admin Menu and Admin Bar;
All comment-related sections (“Recent Comments”, “Discussion” etc.) are hidden from the WordPress Dashboard;
All comment-related widgets are disabled (so your theme cannot use them);
The “Discussion” settings page is hidden;
All comment RSS/Atom feeds are disabled (and requests for these will be redirected to the parent post);
The X-Pingback HTTP header is removed from all pages;
Outgoing pingbacks are disabled.

If you don’t want anybody to comment on your site, Disable Comments really a must-have wordpress best plugin! It is really easy to use and works flawlessly.

Free Download Disable Comments

WordPress author info display plugin: Starbox

Starbox – the Author Box for Humans is one of wordpress best plugin that can display author’s personal info bar in post page, the info can be displayed in great detail. some free WordPress themes do not be very good in the optimization of this aspect. In fact, Google search also has a special optimization for the author of the post. You can register your author information on Google, and Google will display your avatar and some social information in the search page. The effect is as follows:

WordPress author info display plugin: Starbox - wordpress best plugin

functionality – Starbox

Google Microformats (vCard), to display Rich Snippets in google search resultsWordPress author info display plugin: Starbox
Easy to customize for each Author
You¡¯ll get Google Authorship on your hands ?? For all your authors.
Have it work only on blog posts, only on pages, or both!
Links to the social media profiles of your authors: Facebook, Twitter, Klout, Google+, LinkedIN, Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, Tumblr, Youtube, Vimeo
Each of your Authors can have a different set of social media profiles added
Links to all the articles written by that author
A section that displays the latest posts of a certain author
Themes to choose from…

themes – starbox

WordPress author info display plugin: Starbox - wordpress best plugin

WordPress author info display plugin: Starbox - wordpress best plugin

Setting – Starbox

WordPress author info display plugin: Starbox - wordpress best plugin

Free Download Starbox



How to make your users to upload custom avatars in WordPress

WordPress support shows Gravatar by default, because Gravatar is by remote call, the loading speed is sometimes affected, in addition, the application of Gravatar is a litted difficult. For the wordpress website, It is necessary to allow users to customize the avatar in the profile page. WORDPRESS BEST PLUGIN recommended two plugins which support registered users to upload their photos.

WP User Avatar
How to make your users to upload custom avatars in WordPress - wordpress best plugin
After installing WP User Avatar, you can upload your own avatar in the backend – settings – discussion, also you can set the default avatar in the backend – users – my profile. As a result, if the user set their own photo in the “profile”, it is preferred to display, if not set, it shows the user’s Gravatar picture, or the site’s default avatar.

Free Download WP User Avatar

Simple local avatars
How to make your users to upload custom avatars in WordPress - wordpress best plugin
Simple local avatars support to upload the local photo as the profile avatar for a registered user, if the user upload a custom avatar, will not call remote Gravatar, but call the local custom avatar; if the user does not uploaded custom avatar, then call his Gravatar or Gravatar default avatar. Custom avatar first!

Free Download Simple local avatars


New Version of Best Buddypress Members Only Plugin

A few months before, wordpress best plugin team reviewed buddypress members only free plugin, and we introduced buddypress members only pro plugin:

BuddyPress Members Only can restricts Your Buddypress and WordPress to logged in/registered members; restricts your BP standard / customized Components and choose which components open to guest user; BuddyPress Members Only have Options to only protect your buddypress pages and open other section on your wordPress site to guest users; provide Page level protect to protect any kind of content on your site.

BuddyPress Members Only Pro give access to members only, make your website private, Only registered/logged in users can view your site, non members can only open home page/login/register/lost password pages. Logged in users have full access. BuddyPress Members Only Pro can help minimize spam to a great extent.

Today when I look back comments, I found a few users said they installed this buddypress plugin and they like this plugin too, I found  user reviewed :

“So easy. Activate-Install-Type Pages and Finish One minut of work”

I re-check their official site, I found buddypress members only free version which listed on has been upgraded to  1.7.3. And Buddypress Members Only Pro version has been upgraded to 2.0.1. In new buddypress members only version they fixed bugs and they said they support php7.0 which will speed up our buddypress social networking, and they support “HTTPS” which will improve user security, that’s great.

New features can be found at of buddypress members only plugin features and demos page.

If you have any best buddypress plugin, please tell me, I am happy to install and check and give a review of it.

Best bbPress Forum Login / Register Plugin With Spam Protection and Pretty Login Style and More

I need a bbPress forum plugin With Spam Protection

I built a few bbPress forums, and then I found a big problem — every day there are  more than 100 users registered as bbPress forum members, these “users” just post Spam posts automatically, I had to delete these posts manually per week, this waste my day and I hope I can do something valuable, I hate read and delete forum posts from day to night, I want a best solution of bbpress stop spam registration!

I searched Tons bbPress plugins , I found one solution is best bbPress forum spam protection solution — bbPress Login Register Pro Plugin.

Why I like and using and think this best bbPress Forum Login / Register Plugin?

Just like detailed plugin feature description said:

bbPress Login Register Pro Plugin is a simple & quick & powerful bbPress login & register solution, our plugin be designed for help your bbpress forums more friendly for users, stop brute force attacks on your bbpress forums,  make your login / register pages more beautiful via preset preset wallpapers, login and logout auto redirect based on user roles, and blocks spam-bots to protect your login form / register form / bbpress new topic form / bbpress reply form, also our plugin will detect more than 20 proxy types and stop users login your site via these proxy types. It is super easy to use, just activate the plugin, follow detailed guide of each option to finish a little setting work in admin panel, the plugin will protect your bbpress forum and let your forum more user-friendly and more beautiful.

bbPress Forum login / register pro plugin will disable users open login / register page from proxy — to stop bbpress spam users register or login your bbPress forum. Official team said in the current time, the bbPress forum login / register plugin have ability to detect about 22 proxy types, also the plugin will check and stop users login / register on bbPress Forum via these proxy types, so these proxy users can not log in your bbpress forum, this means these proxy users will not have a chance to add spam content in your forums. This is a good solution of bbpress forum spam.

Woo, that what I want! In general, many spam users is come from a proxy server — for avoid webmaster ban their IP. Before found this plugin, I used a few plugin to stop brute force attack, via brute force attack plugin, I can log a few IPs which be banned by these plugins, I found many of these brute force attack users is hidden behind a proxy server, a problem I can not find a plugin which can detect and stop and filter these spam users.  Before this plugin, I can not find any this kind of bbPress spam filter plugins, now all these users from proxy will be stopped, if they can not register or loging my forums, of course they have no way to post spam on my forums,  this save my time, this save my money, this is a great work!

bbPress Google reCAPTCHA Protection for Forums / Login / Register Pages

The bbPress login / register pro plugin have options to enable or disable google reCAPTCHA protection for bbPress New Topic Form, this will stop spam bot users who login your forum automatically via a spam bot to post spam topics on your bbPress forums.

Also you can enable or disable google reCAPTCHA protection for bbPress New Reply Form,  for bbPress Login Form, for bbPress Registration Form. I feel very happy, this is very helpful to stop spambot.

What is spambot? Based on Wiki

A spambot is a computer program designed to assist in the sending of spam

Just like I said, I don’t want to waste my time to read and delete spam posts day and day, the plugin used best methods to stop spam, after used this bbPress Login / Reister Pro plugin, I did not have new spam users, my suggestion for the author is: if this bbPress plugin can sent notification to all users and after a few days, delete all inactivate users automatically, that will save my life.

Of course this bbpress login plugin is great already, after use this plugin, I can go to shop with my wife at weekend again.

Customize bbPress Background Image  on Login Page / Register Page

Check the demo at here, I really like this, because this make my bbPres forum login form looks pretty and user-friendly, the author said they have chosen 12 pretty background image for login / register forms, I found these images is pretty, I used another image — “Children”, because I love these lovely children, author saying they are adding new pretty background in next version.

To enable image as background of register form, it is very easy, I logged in admin area, open “bbPress Login Pro” menu, click “login background” sub menu item, all images are here, just choose one form a select box, then click “submit” button, background of bbPress login form has been changed by preset pretty background images. Not sure is it possible make it looks like a slider? I hope my product images can shown in register form, it there are a product slider, it will motivate customer to register as member.

Customize bbPress Login Page / Register Page Logo

In their official feature page, they said:

  • You can custom Login Logo Image to add your own custom logo on login form / register form, please check demo at, you will find the default wordpress logo image has been changed as our specified logo image

  • You can custom Login Logo Title to add your own custom title on login form / register form, please check demo at here, you will find the login log title be customized as “bbPress Design”

  • You can custom “Login Logo URL” to add your own custom url on login form / register form, please check demo at here, you will find the login log url be customized to

Good feature, I like this too.

Login and Logout auto redirect based on user roles

I love this bbpress login redirect feature, I have a few user roles, my woocommerce customer, my forum users, some  co-author… and so on. After activated this plugin, I managed my users like this: when customer role users from woocommerce  logged in,  customers will be  redirected to account page, when they logged out, customers will be redirected to products page, from analysis records, I found sometimes, these users purchased new products after redirected to product  list page.

This feature is easy to enable in bbPress Login Pro admin panel,  open “bbPress Login Pro” menu, click “redirect setting” sub menu item, all roles has been listed on setting panel, what I need to do is just checked roles and select redirect method from 3 redirect method:

  •  Default, this means do nothing and just follow  bbpress and wordpress default behaviour.

  •  Referer, this means after logged in, user will be redirect to the same page before login

  •  Redirect to Certain URL, you can enter any page URL in your domain, users which have related roles will be redirected to this URL after they logged in.

The pugin author said if disable bbpress, this module will works well on wordpress.
A test and demo can be found at register as a member and login,  user with subscriber role will be redirected to support forum, not the wordpress default home page. After logout, you be redirected to the product page, not wordpress default login page.

Good feature.

Also there are more features, for example:

  • Disable Top Admin Bar for Non-Admin Logged-in Users
  • Custom bbPress style
  • Add bbPress login link in bbpress forum index pages or bbpress single forum pages or bbpress forum pages or bbpress topic pages.


Basically, I believe this plugin is the best bbpress spam prevention solution. Just check their DEMO page, you will like it too.

If you have a feature on your wordpress site or bbpress forum, but you can not find a solution or a wordpress plugin, tell us! WordPress best plugin  will very happy to test and find out amazing plugins and give  a review of them.