Best WordPress Plugin WP-HTML compression plug-in

There are a lot of ways to improve the speed of opening wordpress blog, such as install caching plug-in, enabled gzip, integration and optimization of JS and CSS, and compression … today introduced the plug-in: WordPress-HTML-compression plug-ins.

This plugin is very simple, by removing the standard comments, new line, carriage returns, tabs and extra space to compress your HTML files. More importantly, all of which will not affect the <pre>, <textarea> and <script> label content, so it will not cause problems.

Very easy to use, no setup, no options, no adjust … just enable and then see results.

The plug-ins works good in WordPress 2.8.4.

WordPress Best Plugin Anti-spam plug-ins series

Spam messages has been a big problem that bothers us, we got a bunch of shield to prevent spam in WordPress plugins:

1. Akismet
very good plugins, but sometimes manslaughter;

2. WP-SpamFree
In addition to akismet anti-spam plug-ins, it is the second spam plugin, and solve high rate of manslaughter problem.

Added a CAPTCHA.

4. Peter’s Custom Anti-Spam
Fit for WordPress and WordPress MU, No cookies required, No JavaScript required, Just random verification code displayed

5. Defensio Anti-Spam
support OpenID with statistical functions, can not share with akismet

6. TypePad AntiSpam for WordPress
another powerful spam plug-in, by Matt Mullenwe

7. MyCaptcha

8. Yawasp – Yet Another WordPress Anti Spam Plugin

The features of WordPress 3.1 official version

With the release of the official version of WordPress 3.1, WordPress has gradually begun to be accepted and be tested the use, today, now wordpress geeks intrduces new functions of the official version of WordPress 3.1.

WordPress 3.1 new features Detailed:

1. The content link feature of WordPress blog:

the premise of using this feature is the edit mode is in the visual editor mode.

In the log edit box, input text, select one or several text, click the hyperlink button, there will be such a bomb box:

The features of WordPress 3.1 official version
The features of WordPress 3.1 official version

you can search for any keyword, and then click to select, so the word or words you selected will be added on a link to this article.

This feature is necessary, especially for SEO, this is more to the key words will increase the hyperlink’s a lot than before. But now, the only support articles and Page page. Not supported

tag label.

2. Admin bar: For details, see: WP 3.1 Beta 1 features: admin bar.

3. blog publishing page is more concise

WordPress 3.1 new publishing page has been improved. more options set, Custom fields, comment options, summary, Tracebacks.

4. WordPress control panel change the layout. the multi-site functionality are compatible with the control panel on the left in the past, WordPress 3.1 has changed the layout, this feature is separated from the layout, become independent part.

5, the blog publishing enhancements, this is a WordPress theme feature, this feature allows customers to define meta-information about each article,  WordPress official description of this feature: Formats.

6 Import / Export function re-design. With import / export feature, you can transfer the WordPress data more completely.

WordPress “Back to Top” function

Wordpress Back to Top function

This function “Back to the top” is just a small feature, but its effect is not small, it can help visitors quickly back to the top from the bottom of the page, greatly improving the user experience, more friendly for the readers to read. Especially for some special long page, the “Back to Top” is necessary.

But the function is small functions, you can solve the problem, but only use a line of code. So I suggest that you use code to achieve this function like me, although no suspension buttons, but the function was achieved.

In the File footer.php,<div id=”footer”>… …</ div> the proper location, to insert the following code to achieve the “Back to the top of the page” functionality.

How to make your wordpress theme support thumbnails function?

How to make your wordpress theme support thumbnails function?
How to make your wordpress theme support thumbnails function?

One of my friend said his wordpress theme does not support thumbnails function, but the original author of the theme is no longer support this theme, and then if he changed other theme, he is afraid that that might affect the site’s ranking, my answer is as follows:

1. your theme need call the function which support wordpress thumbnail funtion:

add_theme_support (‘post-thumbnails’);

If you do not call this function, that means your theme does not support wordpress thumbnail feature, so you can add these codes by yourself in your theme’s functions.php file.

2. you can customize a variety of thumbnails

for example 300 * 300:

set_post_thumbnail_size( 300, 300, true );

Then again a 100 * 100:

set_post_thumbnail_size( 100, 100, true );

So each time you upload pictures, these two formats of thumbnails will be auto-generated.

How to call a thumbnail?

write below codes in the place you want to call thumbnails:

get_the_post_thumbnail( null, array(100,100));

Brilliant WORDPRESS slide plug

Adding slide effect in Wrodpress is very simple, WordPress developers write a lot of brilliant slide plug to share. The following slide plugins are the best free plug-in, I hope you can find your favorite.

1.NextGEN Gallery

Brilliant WORDPRESS slide plug 1

A classic Wrodpress gallery plug-in, you can bulk upload images by uploading the zip document, very powerful.

2.Page Flip Image Gallery

Brilliant WORDPRESS slide plug 2

Picture gallery plug-ins with flip effect

3.KPicasa Gallery

Brilliant WORDPRESS slide plug 3
You can display a slideshow of your Picasa album photos.

4.Shutter Reloaded

Brilliant WORDPRESS slide plug 4
WordPress image viewer similar to LightBox, supports all standard features, such as image scaling, pre-load, etc., without any external library.

5.Grand Flash Album Gallery

Brilliant WORDPRESS slide plug 5

An integrated album slide plug, has a strong management background.

6.Yet Another Photoblog

Brilliant WORDPRESS slide plug 6
To transform the WordPress blog to the photo blog, there is an management background easy to use.
7.WordPress Content Slide

Brilliant WORDPRESS slide plug 7
You can completely customize photo jQuery slideshow.

8.Lazyest Gallery

Brilliant WORDPRESS slide plug
upload photos by FTP, Lazyest Gallery plug-in will automatically retrieve the display.

9.Lightview Plus

Brilliant WORDPRESS slide plug 8
Seamless integration Lightview, use a mask pop to show pictures or videos.

10.Slideshow Gallery

Brilliant WORDPRESS slide plug 10
customize flexible a photo slideshow plug-in.

11.DM Albums

Brilliant WORDPRESS slide plug 11
Visitors will be able to view the entire album perfect photo do not leaving current post.

12.SlideDeck Content Slider

Brilliant WORDPRESS slide plug 12
Do not write code to make your content in a slide show.

13.Slideshow Gallery Pro
The Slides plug seamlessly integrated the photo upoload and albums system.


wordpress best plugin WP-Sticky: make article sticky at top of homepage

If you want to make article sticky at top of homepage, how to do it? Today we recommend a plug-WP-Sticky, to achieve this function.

WP-Sticky plugin installation:

Download WP-Sticky plug-in, extract the files, upload to/wp-content/plugins/directory.

Sign in wordpress background control panel, click on “Plugins” to find the upload plugin, activate the plugin, you can click Setting-> WP-Sticky, you can set the article Sticky mode, set the display date, you can make the appropriate settings according to needs .
WP-Sticky plugin Usage:

After successful installation, when you publish new articles, you will see “Post Sticky Status” on the right bottom, there are three option: Normal, Sticky and Announcement. The difference between these three option is as follows:

  • Announcement: The option make the post always sticky on the top.
  • Sticky: only stay sticky mode just for those other articles published the same day, the following article will on the top next day.
  • Normal: default, when you want to cancel sticky mode, chose this option.

This plug-in is simple to use, installation is relatively easy, without adding any code.

WordPress3.2 will be released with better user experience

WordPress3.2 will be released with better user experience

WordPress is about to update to 3.2, with same concept to 3.1, WordPress 3.2 will continue to work hard in the user experience. WordPress 3.2 will have the following update:

1.WordPress 3.2 background patterns will be more fresh and fashionable.

WordPress3.2 will be released with better user experience

2. new default theme WordPress 3.2 default theme is the Twenty Eleven, the new theme has the similar layout to the Twenty Ten, you can choose black / white two color, and there are several default column layout to choose from.

3 Improved upgrade process WordPress upgrade will download the entire archive before, so a lot of users often face the server timed out. And improved upgrade process will update the changed document relative to current version, higher upgrade speed.

WordPress3.2 will be released with better user experience

4. Vast writing space WordPress post editor always appeared to be very narrow, very conducive to adjust the content layout, WordPress 3.2 post editor can be expanded to full screen.

5. To enhance the operational efficiency WordPress 3.2 will remove some excess code of the core to improve overall efficiency.

6 The new demand for PHP and MySQL environment WordPress 3.2 requires the minimum server environment: PHP 5.2.4 and MySQL5, before upgrading WordPress 3.2, you should see your server’s configuration. It is said that WordPress 3.2 will be released on June 30, 2011, looking forward to WordPress 3.2 .