WordPress Best Anti-spam plugin Akismet

I need a Best Wordpress Anti-spam plugin

I have a site which tell about people how to optimize wordpress, because it is very easy — just follow some steps you can optimize your site loading speed from xxS to 1.xS, so there are not many articles, actually, it just have no more than 10 articles with screenshot to tech webmaster to optimize wordpress sites, after built the site, I leave away for some months, when I come back,  I found there are more then 5,000 spam comments, my god, I was think there are no many wordpress posts, so actually there should have not much readers find my site…., now I know readers will not find my site because I did not do any SEO, but of course spamer is smart…, they will eat anything…,  I had to install an wordpress anti-spam plugins to stop spam, I need wordpress spam protection service, I tested many spam plugins, you can find my last post about “WordPress Best Plugin Anti-spam plug-ins series“, but what is the WordPress Best Anti-spam plugin Akismet? finally I found the best WordPress Anti-spam plugin is still Akismet.

About WordPress Best Anti-spam plugin Akismet

Akismet is is an advanced anti-spam service which offered by wordpress team, The author is founder of wordpress.orgMatt Mullenweg.

Wordpress Best Plugin Anti-spam plugin Akismet
WordPress best plugin Anti-spam plugin Akismet


Akismet will Automatically checks all comments and send the comment to akismet.com for check  comments’ IP or comment user email is marked as a spam already, or the link of this wordpress comment includes spam links so akismet will call their wordpress spam link injection filter… and so on,  akismet will  filters out the ones that look like spam, the most of webmaster activated Akismet anti-spam plgin, actually, wordpress.org said there are more than 1+ million installed Akismet installation, this screenshot will tell you the effect:


Akismet is super easy to install and easy to use, this anti-spam plugin will not delete these comments directly, spam comments will spam tab in your wordpress comments menu, the only thing you need to do is — requeest an Akismet.com API key to use it, please don’t worry the fee, Akismet keys are free for personal blogs, but paid subscriptions are available for businesses and commercial sites, it seems very good, right? If you can earn more money from your personal blog, will not pay wordpress.org to request a commercial license? They are great guys to offer the world so great a platform / tool for bloggers. 🙂

request apikey of best wordpress anti-spam plugin Akismet
request apikey of best wordpress anti-spam plugin Akismet

Once activated your Akismet key, you can leave your site and all anti-spame work will let Akismet.com to do, and more than 99% spam will be filter from your site.

best wordpress anti-spam pluginAkismet will filter 99% spam
best wordpress anti-spam pluginAkismet will filter 99% spam


Seems good? You can install the best wordpress anti-spam plugin at WordPress Best Plugin Anti-spam plugin akismet download link, you will find great authors at: Matt MullenwegRyan Boren, Andy Skelton, Michael Adams, Alex Shiels,Joseph Scott…, thanks for their good plugin, it make webmaster’s life better and easier.

You can request an free Akismet API from here: WordPress Best Plugin Anti-spam plugin akismet APi key

This article is tell about Best WordPress Anti-spam plugin Akismet, I do like this Best WordPress Anti-spam plugin Akismet, if you have any thoughts, welcome to share your ideas in comments, have a tea and have good day. 🙂