WordPress best backup plugin

I think backwpup is the bese wordpress backup plugin, It have more

than 500,000 downloads, more than 280 5 stars. It can backup your database or file, you can choose your file format from zip,

tar, tar.gz, tar.bz2, you have options to send your backup to your FTP Server, Amazon S3,Google Storage,Microsoft Azure

(Blob),Dropbox,Email,or store the backup files on the server. Also you can set your corn backup as per day, per week, per

month, you can choose which table want to backup or not, you can exclude some folder when you want to backup your files…,

and so on.

After install and test their plugin, we found there are still have a little problems:
1: On some hosting, when you select backup database and files at the same time, it not works.
2: The plugin need PHP 5.2.5.

But this is really a good backup plugin.

4 authors developed this plugin, on support forum danielhuesken offten reply users question.

Good, I like this plugin!

Author Page: Daniel Huesken
Plugin Page: BackWPup 2.0 ist fertig zum testen

WordPress Best Plugin Team