Best wordpress cache plugin accelerate your website

When the visitors visit your site and require a bunch of information, including pictures, comments, Javascript, update the post, etc.. This dynamic loading takes a lot of time. That’s why you need a cache plugin. WordPress Cache plugin can generate a static image for your website, replaced by dynamic loading of data transfer. To install a cache plugin is the easiest way to enhance the loading speed of the website.

WordPress’s cache plugin is an essential plugin, you can reduce the pressure on the server, you can also allow access to the site faster. At present, Speak of  WordPress best plugin about cache plugin, W3 Total and WP Super Cache is very popular, in addition, WP Fastest Cache is a very good WordPress cache plugin.

W3 Total Cache

Best wordpress cache plugin accelerate your website |
Best wordpress cache plugin accelerate your website |

W3 Total Cache is one of the most famous WordPress cache plugins. W3 Total Cache Integrated caching: CDN, Minify, Page, Object, Fragment, Database support.  After installing this plugin, you can enjoy a one-stop service, do not need other cache plugins.

Download W3 Total Cache

WP Super Cache

Best wordpress cache plugin accelerate your website |

WP Super Cache has 1+ million users, is currently the most efficient and flexible WordPress static cache plugin. It makes the entire web page directly generate HTML files, so that Apache will not have to parse the PHP script, by using WP Super Cache, you can make your WordPress blog run faster significantly .

Download WP Super Cache

WP Fastest Cache

Best wordpress cache plugin accelerate your website |
Best wordpress cache plugin accelerate your website |

WP Fastest Cache creates static html files from your dynamic WordPress blog, reduce the pressure of the server, the visitors to visit the same page again, will directly read the cache file, improve the speed of browsing. Setup is so easy. You don’t need to modify the .htacces file. It will be modified automatically.

Download WP Fastest Cache


Best BuddyPress Members Only plugin improve your brand value and promote sales


Do you want a membership site? Do you want to let your site protected from spam? BuddyPress Members Only Pro is an awesome wordpress plugin for any BuddyPress users, actually from their official site, they saying this plugin works well for WordPress and bbPress site too, if you did not install buddyPress, it will protect your WordPress site automatically! That’s what I want.

BuddyPress Members Only can restricts Your Buddypress and WordPress to logged in/registered members; restricts your BP standard / customized Components and choose which components open to guest user; BuddyPress Members Only have Options to only protect your buddypress pages and open other section on your wordPress site to guest users; provide Page level protect to protect any kind of content on your site.

BuddyPress Members Only Pro give access to members only, make your website private, Only registered/logged in users can view your site, non members can only open home page/login/register/lost password pages. Logged in users have full access. BuddyPress Members Only Pro can help minimize spam to a great extent.

BuddyPress Members Only Pro is a great and useful worpdress plugin, which provide option in admin panel to redirect non member to your register page or your members payment page. For wordpress and BuddyPress users, you can improve your brand value and promote sales, increase the competitiveness.

From official feature page, you can find it is an amazing plugin, I like it! I just copy their feature page at here:

BuddyPress Members Only is a simple & quick & light BuddyPress Members Only solution, it help you to make your buddypress site only viewable to logged in member users. It is super easy to use, just activate the plugin, follow detailed guide of each option to finish a little setting work in admin panel, the plugin will protect your buddypress and wordpress perfectly. If you do not setting it in back end, it works well too, it is admin friendly.

  • Restricts Your BuddyPress and WordPress to logged in/registered members only
  • Restricts your BP standard Components to Logged in/Registered members only, you can choose which components will open to guest user, or which components will only opened to logged in users
  • Restricts your BP customized Components to Logged in/Registered members only, you can setting as more as customized components to open to guest users.
  • Options to only protect your buddypress pages, so other section on your wordpress site will be open to the guest users.
  • Enable page level protect, when you edit a post, you can choose setting it as a members only page or not.
  • Supported https and websocket
  • Login and Logout auto redirect based on user roles
  • If you disable buddypress, our plugins will detect it automatically and continue to protect your wordpress pages.
  • ……

Restricts your Buddypress to logged in/registered members only

Only registered/logged in users can view your site, by default, non members can only open home page/login/register/lost password pages.
Logged in users have full access.

If a user who did not logged in your site, he can open home page, but when he try to view any other buddypress content, he will be redirected to optionally URL which can be setting in admin panel.

If you want more pages opened to non members users, you can enter page URLs in “Opened Page URLs” option, you can add any urls (enter one URL per line please) which opened to public, guest can view content of these opened post / pages / stores… and so on, when they view these opened pages,  they will not be redirected to register page, else they will be redirect to your pages which you setting in admin area, for example, register page  or store page or membership payment page… and so on.


Restricts your Buddypress standard components to Logged in/Registered members only

In admin area,  In “BP Components” option panel, you will find we have listed all buddypress standard buddypress components in a checkbox list, you can choose which components will open to guest user, or which components will only opened to logged in users, just a little mouse clicks, you can checked any buddypress standard components to open to non member users, and disallow non member users to touch other buddypress standard component,  when non member users try to open any pages related with protected buddypress standard components, they will be redirected to redirect page which you setting in admin area, for example,  you can setting non member users be redirect to your register page or your members payment page.

For example, you can open Buddypress Members Component / pages to non member users, but if they want to click members profile pages, they will be redirect your register page or payment page, or you can hidden your Buddypress Activity pages, so all of your buddypress activities can only be opened after they register and logged in your site.

Or you can open Buddypress Forums Component / Pages to non member users, but when non member users try to open pages related with Buddypress Groups Component, they will be redirected to the redirect page which you setting in admin area.. and so on, infinite possibilities.

Restricts your BP customized Components to Logged in/Registered members only

We understand there are many amazing developer developed many customized buddypress components, for example, I designed buddypress family  components which have many amazing features to help Family Communication, maybe you hope only logged in member users can access these customized buddypress, so you can very easy to disable non member users to access these pages, also you can add any customized buddypress components to a whitelist, and these buddypress components can opened by non member users.

Options to only protect your buddypress pages

Some users requested to only protect buddypress pages, and open all other pages related wordpress section to non member users. In this version, we realized this feature, just click the option “All Other Sections On Your Site Will Be Opened to Guest”, then other sections, for example page, post, store… and so on will be opened to non member users, at the same time, when they want to view your buddypress sections, they will be redirect to your redirect page which setting in admin area.

Enable page level protect

If you enabled page level protect option, when you edit page / post / product / video… and so on, you will find “Members only for this page?” meta box at the right top of the wordpress standard editor. If you checked “Allow everyone to access the page” checkbox in this meta box, the post will be opened to all guest users, by this way, you do not need enter page URLs to Opened Pages Panel always.

Login and Logout auto redirect based on user roles

you can setting after login redirect URLs and after logout URLs based on user roles. For example, you can setting users which have subscriber role redirect to their activity page after they logged in, and let users who have woocommerce customer role redirected to their shop account page,or redirect editors to their messages page… and so on.

This feature is very easy to use, please logged in your admin area, open BP Members Only menu, click redirect setting sub menu item, you can find we have listed all roles automatically, just select roles which you want to setting, select redirect method from 3 redirect method:

1: Default, this means do nothing and just follow  buddypress and wordpress default behaviour.

2: Referer, this means after logged in, user will be redirect to the same page before login

3: Redirect to Certain URL, you can enter any page URL in your domain, users which have related roles will be redirected to this URL after they logged in.

This feature works well on Buddypress, if you disable Buddypress, this module will works well on WordPress too.

Support HTTPS / HTTP and Websocket

Our plugin will detect your site is use https or http automatically and works well for both of HTTPS and HTTP, also our plugin support websocket too.

More amazing features is be developing, for example we are develop new feature of multi membership levels, also there are many feature in To-Do lists, if you hope more features, contact us and any feature request is welcome.

Just $12, you will have a powerful Buddypress Members Pro plugin, Unlimited Download, Lifetime Upgrades, Ticket Support





12 Best WordPress Support Ticket Plugins — section #1

I need best WordPress support ticket plugin for my client’s online shop

I built a site for my client, he was selling digital products on ebay and he have many many clients, he hope realize differential competition — there are too many providers on ebay and any idea will be copied quickly. So my client want to build his own shop based on wordpress so he can selling digital products online and have better SEO rank and more users.

I was built many wordpress online shop via WooCommerce, EDD, ESHOP, WP e-commerce… and so on, After analyzed his business, I think use WooCommerce to build his online shop is the best solution.

WooCommerce is powerful and free eCommerce plugin, there are many free and pro e-commerce addons and themes, so just a few days with some customized work, we built a pretty and user-friendly online shop, the problem is ticket plugins…

I tested many ticket plugins, I will report my tested ticket plugins in below:

3: wpsc Support Tickets

wpsc-support-tickets-pluginI was used wpsc Support Tickets built some ticket systems, but when I come back wordpress, I found it has been removed from official plugins list, I know some plugin author will remove their plugins because they have no time to support it…, if so it is hard to download it again,  but the good news is I remember it be cloned in github, so I found the last version on github, now you can still download this great plugin at wpsc Support Tickets on github,after I read the plugin readme.txt, I found it have been re-published as another plugin “IDB Support Tickets” — Plugin Homepage: Plugin Homepage

**Hightlighted Features:**

 * Users can create support tickets and reply to their own tickets
 * Guests can use tickets as well, using just their email address.  Disabled by default.
 * Admins, Super Admins, and any user granted the manage_wpsct_support_tickets capability, can reply to, close, or delete any ticket
 * Front end support ticket interface is done in jQuery, and utilizes Ajax ticket loading
 * New robust customizable ajax departments
 * Individual, department lead, and department wide email support on a department by department basis.
 * Customizable email messages, and CSS for custom solutions
 * Save any support ticket to PDF for easy printing
 * You can hide support ticket capabilities from a user who has not purchased a specific product (requires [IDB Ecommerce]( "IDB Ecommerce") 2.4.9 or higher)
 * Seamless integration with open source IDB Ecommerce ecommerce plugin, including a shared Guest system 
 * Admin dashboard widget shows all open tickets
 * Both the admin and frontend provides a WYSIWYG HTML editor for formatting
 * Available in 16 languages
 * i18n ready and compatible (POT file included in the /languages/ directory)

**Languages Included**

 * English
 * Swedish (Svenska) by Stefan Johansson
 * Norwegian (Norsk) by Rune Kristoffersen
 * French (le Français) by Hawaien88
 * Brazilian Portuguese (português brasileiro) by Thiago Bernardi
 * German (Deutsch) by Markus Scheffknecht
 * Dutch (Nederlands) by Jos Wolbers
 * Finnish (Suomi) by Mikko Ohtonen 
 * Russian (ру́сский язы́к, russkiy yazyk) by Login Roman
 * Romanian (limba Română) by Nutu Valea, updated by Richard Vencu at
 * Italian (Italiano) by Pino Cinelli
 * Spanish (Español) translation provided by Víctor Belgrano
 * Hebrew (עִבְרִית) translation provided by
 * Serbian (српски) translation provided by WPdiscounts @
 * Arabic (العربية) translation provided by Ahmed Raslan @
 * Czech by Jan Drda

It is very easy to use, just install and activate the plugin, and create a new page for example “My Ticket”, and insert the shortcode [IDBSupportTickets], then go into the back end and select this page as “mainpage” for wpsc Support Tickets, so users can submit ticket in this page and admin can reply tickets, it is easy to use and I do like it.

4:Memoria Ticket System

Memoria Ticket System is designed by the autheor vatanbytyqi,a guy who like Programming in PHP and Java, come from Sweden. He said this is a simple ticket system, however it offered enough ticket functionality for users, In front end, users can easy to creating a ticket by a default form, in back end, it is easy to change form’s style, each ticket can be assigned to an approver who will receive an email notifications when the issuer has replied it looks like this:


and then in back end, admin can view the ticket and reply the ticket, it looks like this:

screenshot-2in this ticket plugin panel, admin can add departments or categories,change the style sheet,modify the email notification, or activate reCaptcha from to stop spammer.

Memoria Ticket System plugin is very easy to use: download and upload to your wp-content/plugins, activate Memoria Ticket System, and add your departments and so on, in front end create a page, for exmaple:”Support Ticket”, and insert the shortcode [sts_memoria_ticket_system], then everything is okay, just wait your client’s ticket and get notification and reply them. quick and powerful,  Not bad, right?




WordPress best backup plugin

I think backwpup is the bese wordpress backup plugin, It have more

than 500,000 downloads, more than 280 5 stars. It can backup your database or file, you can choose your file format from zip,

tar, tar.gz, tar.bz2, you have options to send your backup to your FTP Server, Amazon S3,Google Storage,Microsoft Azure

(Blob),Dropbox,Email,or store the backup files on the server. Also you can set your corn backup as per day, per week, per

month, you can choose which table want to backup or not, you can exclude some folder when you want to backup your files…,

and so on.

After install and test their plugin, we found there are still have a little problems:
1: On some hosting, when you select backup database and files at the same time, it not works.
2: The plugin need PHP 5.2.5.

But this is really a good backup plugin.

4 authors developed this plugin, on support forum danielhuesken offten reply users question.

Good, I like this plugin!

Author Page: Daniel Huesken
Plugin Page: BackWPup 2.0 ist fertig zum testen

WordPress Best Plugin Team