Best Editorial Calendar Plugin Editorial Calendar

Best Editorial Calendar Plugin Editorial Calendar
Best Editorial Calendar Plugin Editorial Calendar

Although the WordPress itself has schedule function, you can publish posts some day in the future, but the schedule function has some shortcomings:

Inconvenient to modify
The time is not convenient to modify. When you add a new post, the default time is current time, if you want to publish the post after several days, then you need modify the publish time.

Inconvenient to manage
You need to view the published posts in “Published” page, check draft in the “draft” page, view the post in the future in “Scheduled” page.

For these shortcomings, some coders have developed a number of more convenient Editorial Calendar Plugin, the wordpress¬†best plugin of Editorial Calendar – Editorial Calendar. After installed Editorial Calendar, you will see the “Calendar” option in the menu in control panel. Click “calendar” and you will see calendar page.

Editorial Calendar not only simple and convenient, but also perfectly make up for the lack of WordPress to publish post. Editorial Calendar is very convenient to modify the posts. Post management is also convenient, Whether the post is already published, or draft, the article, you can view, edit and publish the post directly on a Calendar page.

In addition, Editorial Calendar is a very lightweight WordPress calendar plugins, will not affect the speed of your website.


See all of your posts and when they’ll be posted.
Drag and drop to change your post dates.
Manage your drafts with our new drafts drawer.
Quickedit post titles, contents, and times.
Publish posts or manage drafts.
Easily see the status of your posts.
Manage posts from multiple authors.

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