Meta tags optimization and wordpress SEO optimization plugin: Add Meta Tags

META tag  is an important HTML tag in our blog. META  tag is used to describe an HTML page properties, such as author, date and time, page description, keywords, page refresh, etc., also keywords and page level.

META tag is a crucial factor for search engine marketing, the correct use of Meta tags Description and Keywords property, adding keywords or web site keywords make the website more meet user experience. Meta does not exist independently, but to connect other attributes, such as description, Keywords, http-equiv, etc.

The belowing factors are not conducive to the optimization of SEO in your blog:
1. No blog description and keywords in META tags;
2. Use the same META content in all of your blog pages;
3. Pile up keywords in the META description, rather than the page content of your blog;
4. keywords is same as description in META tags;
5. Between description and your blog content lacks relevance;
6.  Add too many keywords in the meta tags;

Add Meta Tags is a powerful wordpress Meta editing plugin, it can configure different keywords and descriptions for your home page, page and post, easier to control keywords and descriptions.

Add-Meta-Tags administration interface ( Options -> Metadata )

Metadata box in the post editing panel.

Contact info entries added by Add-Meta-Tags (AMT) in the user profile page