WordPress database optimization plugin: WP Clean Up


If you want a very simple and easy way to optimize the database quickly for your blog, you can try WP clean up to clean up your SQL database.

WordPress database optimization include delete the redundant data, delete no longer needed revision or drafts, reduce space of your MySQL Database and improve wordpress operating efficiency. WP Clean Up has a protective mechanism, no matter how the operation can not affect the published posts.

Of course, It is a little dangerous to operate the database, In case of an accident, data would lose, so no matter how lazy, we would still need to backup the database at first and then clean up.


WP-Optimize help you to optimize automatically your wordpress database and clean up them extensively

Database optimization has a great influence on website access speed, so the WordPress database clean-up and optimization is a regular work to do for site administrator. If we can automatically clean and optimize the database, it is really to save us a lot of time.


After installing the latest version of WP-Optimize, enter the backend, open the Settings page and set according to the picture.


Finally, click “Save Auto Cleanup Settings” button.

Back WP-Optimize main setting page, you will see the cleanup status “enabled,” and according to the time you set up automatic cleanup interval to automatically optimize next time.


You will not have to worry about WordPress database cleaning up and optimization, WP-Optimize will automatically take care of it!