Find a Perfect Gallery Plugin for your blog


If you want to find a gallery plugin for your blog, I think Gallery NextGEN by photocrati is the suitable plugin, Gallery Plugins is one of the best WP plugin I used, powerful functionality, provides a very good photo management method, the installing and setting is not complicated.

Gallery NextGEN Features:

Easily upload batches of images or upload images via zip file or FTP, save upload time.
Add watermarks to batches or galleries of images.
Multiple Gallery Types to select
Provide a vast array of options for slideshows
Easily customize thumbnail galleries


NEXTGEN GALLERY PRO provide more powerful functionality, 6 new gallery displays, social sharing for individual images, and so on.

WordPress best plugin: Tooltips

Tooltips are a small tool on hover tips, it can explain some words in you posts, or add links, make the website more lively.

To install and activate the plugin, you will see a tooltip sub menu on admin panel.

After add keyword and tooltips, the tooltips will be added into your post.

You can add image,video, audio…, anything into your tooltips and it will shown as tooltip in your post.

Also they have a pro version wich have many amazing features, the single site license is only $9, the unlimited license is only $27, this is really very cheap. 🙂

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