The best wordpress plugins Vocalyze: listen to your blog

Vocalyze is a sound wordpress plugin, it can read your blog, when you drive or do other things, you can use this plugin to listen to the blog, RSS, or reply.


1. Simple, fast content
2. Easy to install
3. You can share playlists with your friends and your families
4. attract more participation of the reader
5. Completely free

Best WordPress plugin: Draging pictures

The plugin will display the extra image grid when you write the posts in the editor. Just click the picture, you can add a picture to post content, you can also drag the images to your post. Using this plugin, you can drag freely imagesanywhere, you can choose the size. If you need a large number of images in the posts, such as: wedding photography site. This plugin will be very useful.

Plugin authors: exz, macsolve

wordpress best plugin pacity Tag: Tag Cloud fade effect plugin

Opacity Tag is a new WordPress plugins. He can replace the default WordPress tag cloud style, from completely opaque tag cloud to the adjusted font color and fade effect tag cloud, Make your website more unique.

After installation, you can activate it in the WordPress plugin area, you can choose font size, the display number of tags and the color you want, it comes with a color palette, you can see your color settings.


Plugin author: GeorgeGecewicz

WordPress Best Plugin Google officially released a wordpress plugin for webmaster recently

WordPress influence and market share is increasesing, so Google officially released a wordpress plugin specially for webmaster this week: Google Site Verification Plugin.

For each veteran webmaster, Google Webmaster Tools aren’t strange, it makes your site easier to be included by google, ┬álet you know google views for your site, help you diagnose the problem.

But for a sitemaster with multiple website, the problem is, when each verification, you must manually add meta tag on the homepage or to upload HTML file for the google verification, although this is very safe, But too tired to do manually each time. Now, you only need to activate Google Site Verification Plugin, everything is ok.
This is screenshot to activate Google Site Verification Plugin :

Google officially released a wordpress plugin for webmaster recently

To use Google Webmaster Tools, you will be able to know, in the eyes of Google, how the search engine understand your site. You can also analyze what keywords associated with the content of your website; you can know how to use search keywords to make your site appeared in the search results; you can see the distribution of your links; you can know whether your website has any error which will prevent Google to crawl your content; you can also use backend tool to test your robots.txt file settings; the frequency of the user clicking on your site, and of the most popular web pages, you can see sitelinks to your website, you can know whether your site will be infected with malicious software, as well as google recommend 404 page for user, which can effectively enhance the user experience.

As long as the background search Google Site Verification Plugin, activation can be, and to facilitate it.