Responsive Lightbox by dFactory

Responsive Lightbox is responsive lightbox plugin, the configuration interface is relatively simple, there are five effects to choose. The Plugin is free, you can search Responsive Lightbox to intstall at wordpress backend, no much setup setting.

General settings
Select Lightbox effect what you like in Lightbox Script box, you can see the third effect is fancybox, looks more comfortable, you can try and choose what you like. You can see “single image as gallery” in the setting, enable the option and have PreviousNext images, this plugin also supports keyboard left and right buttons to switch PreviousNextStop. Select these two options, Responsive Lightbox can work well, and do not require additional setup. If you are interested in the plugin, you can debug other option.

Responsive Lightbox is very powerfu and free lightbox plugin, thanks the author.

Responsive Lightbox effect preview

Responsive Lightbox Download

You can search Responsive Lightbox and install online at wordpress backend, or Download.