The best members only plugin — BuddyPress Members Only

I need a members only plugin to protect my social networking section and wordpress members pages, Only registered/logged in users can view my sites, I got it — buddypress members only, this plugin is great solution

buddypress membership plugin
buddypress membership plugin

I need a members only plugin

I need build a members only site, I need a wordpress members only area, I hope only pages which I allowed will be viewed by guest, but other section of my site will only opened for members of my site, especially my social networking area which built by buddypress,  I searched, I found there are a few choice.

Basically, the best choice is choose S2member or buddypress members only, I tested all of them, I found S2membe is great but it is too complex for me, I need understand these vars, shortcodes,learning how to work for buddypress from about x,00 options, that need a lot of time. Buddypress members only is a simple and quick solution, what I need to do is just setting “Opened Page URLs” in admin area, and all of other pages in my site will be protected, just like author said:

“Restricts Your Buddypress to logged in/registered members only. Only registered/logged in users can view your site, non members can only open home page/login/register/lost password pages. Logged in users have full access.”

This Buddypress membership plugin is easy to use and free of charge

So what let me feel very happy is I just used 1 minutes to understand how to use this great wordpress membership plugin, and then use another 2 minutes type in all wordpress posts url into the text area, click submit and all things works well! That’s great! This is what I need and it solved my problems of protect buddypress members page and buddypress activity page — perfect solution! WORDPRESS BEST PLUGIN team is not the only users feel so happy, just like another webmaster commented:

We implemented this plug-in for our community of over 500,000 users and 3,300 registered members on Scaffies.NL – we use the latest versions of both WordPress and BuddyPress.

The comment below about it being a “spam plug-in” is completely bogus – it only scared us, and made us almost not try it at first.

Fact is, the plug-in works great, and does exactly what we wanted: show the home page and a few, select pages (registration, login, etc), and require registration & login for everythign else.

It was very easy to set up (we tried 2 others before, too cumbersome and did not do what we had in mind) and works like a charm from the start. You can see it in action on Scaffies.

Thanks to the author for an awesome piece of plug-in for the WordPress / BuddyPress community!

Yes, this is what I want too, thanks for the author offerd an awesome plugin to solve my problems so quickly, so easy, and no any cost.

You can download the plugin at BuddyPress Members Only

Also ask questions to the author’s site at tomas zhu