WordPress Best Performance Optimization Plugin

Best WordPress Plugin to Find Performance Issues

Sometimes I heard my friend said his site loading slowly,  I recommended he install a wordpress best performance optimization pluginP3, P3 means Plugin Performance Profiler, the plugin is created by Godaddy — for let webmasters “narrow down anything causing slowness on your site”, and then give some charts to tell you what caused your site runnung slowly and help you speed up wordpress site, it looks like this:


In this screenshot you can know all detailed timeline of each plugins, so you wordPress performance issues on your site and it will hlep you know which plugin or theme delayed yor site and you know what to do next for your wordpress optimize work.

How to Use This WordPress Best Performance Optimization Plugin

At first please login your wordpress admin panel, and check click plugins link in the admin panel, click add new link and search P3, just click install now and activate it, it is simple, right? 🙂

Now in admin panel, please open the tools menu — not setings menu,  in tools menu you can open P3 and just click Scan Now to start WordPress Performance Testing work, it looks like this:



This wordpress performance scanner will generates traffic to your wordpress site and at the same time, it will monirots your wordpress performance on your wordpress site, after some seconds, you will get some wordpress Performance Monitoring reports to help you Improve WordPress Performance on your wordpress site, the charts of the WordPress Best Performance Optimization Plugin looks like this:

the wordpress Performance Monitoring report will tell you how many plugins you are currently active, also it will tell you for each user view your wordpress site, the plugin load time and plugin impact, maybe for the developer, a very important WP performance monitoring report item is — your WORDPRESS MYSQL QUERIES for each users, actually, many sites is built on the shared hosting, it means you are using mysql with many other users, so mysql server will have a heavy / high pressure,in this case, if a plugin or theme use a bad mysql query, it will caused your wordpress site slow down a lot. If you hope avoid mysql slow your site, install a mysql cache plugin it better, or if you are using a vps server or dedicated server, install a redis is great to help your site running quickly, I will write another post to tech you how to install redis server and client on your LAMP system and choose the correctly wordpress REDIS plugin. 🙂

And then, is the detailed timeline report of wordpress Performance Monitoring report, which we reported at above already:


In this wordpress Performance Monitoring report, you can know all detailed timeline of each plugins and them and your wordpress core codes, it will tell you exactly what caused your wordpress site running  slowly.

And then this WordPress Best Performance Optimization Plugin will tell you mysql database query timeline, it will show you the numbers of mysql database queries for each wordpress page, it is very help for wordpress mysql database Optimization:

Finally, you can save your wordpress Performance Monitoring report, so after each step of your wordpress optimization work and you can compare the effect with your previous status via each wordpress Performance Monitoring reports, like this:

After all works, you can send a email notification to your wordpress developer or your wordpress admin, so they can understand the wordpress performance issues on your wordpress site quickly and solve the wordpress performance issues:












You can download this WordPress Best Performance Optimization Plugin at here.

Any question?  Contace me at here.

After use p3, I am happy and it is really simple and quick, it saved many time for webmasters and developers, it is a useful wordpress best performance optimization plugin.  🙂