Speed Up Your website: clean up database garbage

Speed Up Your website: clean up database garbage | wp.football wp optimize

Bloated databases may slow down the speed of your website. Like pingbacks, not approved comments and historical versions, etc., may slow your site. You need to clean up the database, delete old, unnecessary, or redundant data. Using WP-Optimize, you can achieve to clean up your database easily and safely, without manual queries. WP-Optimize is WordPress’s most-installed optimization plugin.

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Speed Up Your website: clean up database garbage | wp.football
WP Sweep

When it comes to database cleanup optimization plugins, we are familiar with the WP-Optimize, WordPress best plugin want to recommend another similar plugin: WP-Sweep. WP-Sweep allows you to clean up unused, isolated, and repetitive data in WordPress, and you can optimize tables in your database. WP-Sweep is characterized by WP-Sweep as much as possible to use the appropriate WordPress function to clean up the useless data, rather than directly use MySQL queries to operate, so more safe and more stable.

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WP-Optimize help you to optimize automatically your wordpress database and clean up them extensively

Database optimization has a great influence on website access speed, so the WordPress database clean-up and optimization is a regular work to do for site administrator. If we can automatically clean and optimize the database, it is really to save us a lot of time.


After installing the latest version of WP-Optimize, enter the backend, open the Settings page and set according to the picture.


Finally, click “Save Auto Cleanup Settings” button.

Back WP-Optimize main setting page, you will see the cleanup status “enabled,” and according to the time you set up automatic cleanup interval to automatically optimize next time.


You will not have to worry about WordPress database cleaning up and optimization, WP-Optimize will automatically take care of it!