The features of WordPress 3.1 official version

With the release of the official version of WordPress 3.1, WordPress has gradually begun to be accepted and be tested the use, today, now wordpress geeks intrduces new functions of the official version of WordPress 3.1.

WordPress 3.1 new features Detailed:

1. The content link feature of WordPress blog:

the premise of using this feature is the edit mode is in the visual editor mode.

In the log edit box, input text, select one or several text, click the hyperlink button, there will be such a bomb box:

The features of WordPress 3.1 official version
The features of WordPress 3.1 official version

you can search for any keyword, and then click to select, so the word or words you selected will be added on a link to this article.

This feature is necessary, especially for SEO, this is more to the key words will increase the hyperlink’s a lot than before. But now, the only support articles and Page page. Not supported

tag label.

2. Admin bar: For details, see: WP 3.1 Beta 1 features: admin bar.

3. blog publishing page is more concise

WordPress 3.1 new publishing page has been improved. more options set, Custom fields, comment options, summary, Tracebacks.

4. WordPress control panel change the layout. the multi-site functionality are compatible with the control panel on the left in the past, WordPress 3.1 has changed the layout, this feature is separated from the layout, become independent part.

5, the blog publishing enhancements, this is a WordPress theme feature, this feature allows customers to define meta-information about each article,  WordPress official description of this feature: Formats.

6 Import / Export function re-design. With import / export feature, you can transfer the WordPress data more completely.

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