WordPress Best Before After Plugin

I purchased a WordPress Before After plugin

As a Doctor maybe you need build a before after silder for your health site? An amazing coder developed an amazing before after plugin that merge images into one photo, client can compare two different images by drag images via mouse, it looks like this:


Actually, it is not only a good tools for the health sites, it is also a great help for newspapers site, designers sites, beauticians sites, or a blogger site like me… etc, many site need before and after plugin, I purchased a license for myself — I built a wordpress site for a renovation company in New York, they have six worker, one car, one dog, I designed a site for them and they said they like this before after plugin because their client will have a chance to view the awesome effect before / after their changes.

The before after plugin is user-friendly and easy to use

When I install this wordpress before after plugin, I found I am happy because it is a responsive wordpress plugin, when I open the page on pads, I found Touch & Swipe enabled and works well, use this wordpress before after plugin, just a few mouse clicks, I uploaded many “original Vs. new” before after gallery quickly, actually it can create unlimited before after sliders, my client said it is amazing, you know, more AD more business, actually, the effect like this really can bring customers:



When I Update existing before after images ,I found it can mess with setting or do anything I want with novice friendly admin panel.

It is very easy to manage Before After gallery

WordPress before after admin panel looks like this:

1: Add a before after slider:

2: Add or modify before after images in before after gallery


3: Setting before after slider, for example width, enable before after images autoplay, autoplay speed, before after comparison bar, border width, caption… ect, you can do it in one time, it looks like this:


After uploads before after images / gallery, we can insert before after slider on wordpress pages, wordpress posts or in wordpress widgets, we do not need to study shortcodes and so on, actually my clients is not good at website, if they need a lot of time to read how to use before and after plugin document, they will give up updates on the before / after site, all work is very simple, no clicking, no dragging, just hover and move…, all before and after gallery is built quickly,  I had to say great user experience!

As a coder, I am happy to find actually they use JQuery as backbone, wordpress support JQuery by default, and they developed a before after slider.js, in admin, they added many actions and filters, it is easy to be customized — my client need add some watermarks, I re-code the plugin to use another jquery watermark addon so it is better to let their client know company URLs. 🙂

Any way, I am happy I purchased the best before after wordpress plugin, I presented the license to the buyer, although it is very cheap, however they are very happy and the version 2 of the before after site is coming now. 🙂

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