WordPress Lightbox plugin: WF Magnific Lightbox

WF Magnific Lightbox
WF Magnific Lightbox

WordPress best plugin find a good Lightbox plugin, WF Magnific Lightbox is a Lightbox plugin, which is suitable for the website with lots of images.

WF Magnific Lightbox is a responsive WordPress Lightbox, using the Magnific Popup  to develop, you can click the picture of the article to see the effect of large image. Main features of WF Magnific Lightbox as below:

 supports all common image types
Support WordPress gallery and embedded images (WordPress WYSIWYG editor)
Support output image title, description, and copyright.
Uses existing copyright informations from EXIF-data already included in your photos.
Multi-language support and WPML plugin polylang
Support response lightbox and CSS-based adjustment
Stepwise loading images to speed up load times

In the wordpress backend, search WF Magnific Lightbox and you can install WF Magnific Lightbox online, or download here WF Magnific Lightbox.

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