WordPress Best Plugin Anti-spam plug-ins series

Spam messages has been a big problem that bothers us, we got a bunch of shield to prevent spam in WordPress plugins:

1. Akismet
very good plugins, but sometimes manslaughter;

2. WP-SpamFree
In addition to akismet anti-spam plug-ins, it is the second spam plugin, and solve high rate of manslaughter problem.

Added a CAPTCHA.

4. Peter’s Custom Anti-Spam
Fit for WordPress and WordPress MU, No cookies required, No JavaScript required, Just random verification code displayed

5. Defensio Anti-Spam
support OpenID with statistical functions, can not share with akismet

6. TypePad AntiSpam for WordPress
another powerful spam plug-in, by Matt Mullenwe

7. MyCaptcha

8. Yawasp – Yet Another WordPress Anti Spam Plugin

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