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Yesterday, I need install a tooltip plugin on my wordpress site to easily add tooltips to content on your posts and pages, I found in wordpress plugin list, there are 17 wordpress plugins, I test all one by one, I found “WordPress Tooltips” is the best wordpress tooltip plugin, it is really very easy to install and very easy to use, just download their plugin and installed on my site, I found a tooltips menu shown in my wordpress admin panel, I can easy to add tooltips via wordpress standard TinyMCE editor, after add a new tooltip post, I found tooltips shown on all of my post and I do not need to do any setting! I can add/edit/delete any tooltips via wordpress custom type post manage panel, That’s what I want, I do not hope use a lot of time to manage these tooltips and write it again and again in each post! I just need to add a tooltip and it will show in all of my post, that’s good!

After read their how to, I found actually I can “use tooltips for word,phrases,image,links,even shortcode, or next-gen description, wordpress menu”, also I can add text, image, song, video as tooltip content! That’s great!

They have a tooltip pro version which only need $9, which have more more customization features and I can control all stylesheet with a css file. I really like this tooltip plugin, actually, I should say I love it.

Author Page: tomas.zhu
Plugin Page: wordpress tooltip plugin free version
Pro version: tooltips pro

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