Wp-itluren-comment-filter: wordpress spam filtering plugin

Do you receive a flood of spam everyday in wordpress? Faced with a flood of comments, do you feel very angry with the weak defense capacity? Faced with a weak of spam defense, you can try the wp-itluren-comment-filter.

wp-itluren-comment-filter is a anti-spam wordpress plugin composed by IT passers, Traditional anti-spam plugin is marked as spam comments or pending state.  wp-itluren-comment-filter can set a IP, email, URL, content filtering mechanism. wp-itluren-comment-filter also prevents a pure expression, pure digital comments submitted, too little stop words, simply copy the contents of the article as to prevent the entire content of the comments submitted comments.

Finally, wp-itluren-comment-filter also provides the functionality that prevent specific IP visit your website. If there are tens of thousands of spam commenta, it will seriously slow down the speed of the database query. Fortunately, we can also remove those garbage. Maybe wp-itluren-comment-filter is not wordpress best plugins, but it is certainly the most intimate.

Download: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-itluren-comment-filter/

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